Havana, Cuba - October 3rd, 2018

I had the amazing opportunity to spend a day in Havana, Cuba.
Here are some of the best photos I took that really capture the city.
Please enjoy! Comments are appreciated.

Taken October 3rd, 2018
(In honor of my mother Patricia D Rollins 10/03/1943 - 07/27/2014)

Places visited in Cuba and timeline:

Terminal Sierra Maestro
Plaza de San Fancisco
Meet Tour Guide - Jose Manuel Vizoso
Cafe El Mercurio
Walked down road Obispo
Mosque Casa del Arabe
Plaza de Almas
El Templete - Walked around tree 3 times for luck
Castillo de la Real Fuerza - War Museum
Plaza de la Catedral
Hotel Ambos - for drinks
Enter Tunnel
Christ of Havana
El Canonazo Paladar - Lunch at local restaurant
Morro Castle
Return from Tunnel
50's neighborhood
China Town
Hotel Inglaterra - for drinks
Back to Ship
Back out at 10:00pm
Revolution Square
Nightclub Tour
 KiloMetro Zero
Back to Ship


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