Havana Nightclub (Pub Crawl) ~ 10 to 15 places

In Havana they don't have bars! They have Nightclubs.

This is the story of my search for Dancing and Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila in Havana's Nightclubs.

(Left) Jose Manuel Vizoso, (Right) Don Lang,
(Middle) Chelsea A Rollins.
 No adventure can be complete without at least one friend (preferably one that you have been drunk with before. Yet you're still friends.) and a sober person to guide you! 

Lucky for me my good friend Don, who I owe all this to, is my partner in crime! Meaning we have each others backs. Most importantly, we can make sense to one another while both being inebriated.

Our awesome tour guide for our time in Havana, Jose Manuel Vizoso! And Yanko our driver who we would have been lost without.

First stop on the Havana Nightclub adventure,
Fantaxy Dancing - Bar. To be honest we got there early. Not many people besides the staff and us.

A few places we stopped at had live events going so we just moved on to the next place.

Let me just say at this point we went to a few places I didn't get a chance to photo, mostly I was trying to keep my dress up and my long hair out of my face while still holding my purse and trying to take photos of everything, drinking was not the only issue. Just want to be clear on that now. (lol)

The look on my face and the guy behind me sitting with his hand raised
is just priceless to me! I laughed for a good minute when I was reviewing my photos. 

Don Lang & C A Rollins

My two fav's in a awesome place to drink them!

Last Stop before we leave Cuba!

We closed the place down! Our server was doing shots with us till the end. Drank the place out of Jose Cuervo Gold. I talked our server Tania into signing the empty bottle. Great times! Friendly People! Full of Life!

After a long night all over Havana, my adventure comes to an end.
Thank you for going on the adventure with me as you read this story.

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